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I always say, if you do something in your business 3 times or more per week, it can most likely be automated! Today I’m sharing my five favorite areas of business operations to automate, my favorite platforms for doing so, and what to keep in mind as you implement.

5 Business Processes You Can Automate Today

Growth, Operations

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There are standard processes that every business needs to function, and sometimes when outsourcing, business owners don’t necessarily consider what tasks are best left in their own hands. As great as your support team or future hire may be – there are a few no-no’s when it comes to handing things off to a Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manager.

To Delegate, or Not to Delegate?

Growth, Operations

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If you’ve been thinking about outsourcing, but are feeling a little overwhelmed by the process, this post is for you. We’re exploring a few key considerations to get your new team member onboard the right way.

Keys to Outsourcing Successfully as a Solo Entrepreneur


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Ooh do I LOVE a great system! There’s a few benefits I always hear my client’s rave about once their systems are in place and they have a well-oiled machine is up & running on autopilot.

Five Benefits of Having Great Systems in Place


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If you’re committed to learning a little bit each day, here are 10 podcasts that I learn something from with every single episode – whether it’s mindset shifts, actionable strategy bits, lessons learned, or simply a sense that I’m not alone!

My Top 10 Favorite Podcasts for Female Solopreneurs

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After spending years running the back-end of 15+ businesses, both online and in-person, and in tons of different industries, I have really seen it all and now provide tailored solutions and resources for entrepreneurs who are ready to level-up their business and implement systems, strategies, and content that save time, energy, and money all while seriously impressing their ideal clients.

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