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Operational Excellence

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It's time to stop the cycle of overwhelm in it's tracks and up-level your business by implementing rinse-and-repeat systems and collateral that showcase the value and high-touch experience you know you're capable of providing.

Many entrepreneurs are hesitant to automate parts of their process and communications because they fear that they'll be delivering an impersonal, robotic, cookie-cutter experience. My approach is the exact opposite - the centerpiece of your system is you! My priority is to implement a branded and personalized experience, integrate 'suprise and delight' moments, and ensure that every client who knocks on your virtual door gets treated like royalty, without you having to lift a finger.

I've used every CRM and project management program under the sun... But only one has my heart!

I'm a Certified Dubsado Specialist!

Being part of Dubsado's official certification program since 2021 means my skills and training have been annually evaluated by the Dubsado team through rigorous examinations, and continuously meet their high standards for offering Dubsado setup services. Active membership includes a listing on Dubsado's own directory, mandatory feedback surveys, and a special 30% discount on subscription, which I provide to all of my clients.

Dubsado is a blank canvas for your business needs across countless industries. With a host of flexible and customizable features, the possibilities are endless.

I have three experiences for you to choose from...


We start with a  Zoom meeting where we'll deep-dive on your current systems and processes to uncover bottlenecks that are stifling your schedule and scalability. Within a week, I'll deliver a comprehensive game plan to help you to implement smarter systems and streamlining solutions so you can get back to the parts of your business where your time and energy are more valuable.

90-Minute Live Session + Action Plan

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This VIP experience will take your signature service from drab to fab - we'll tackle each and every step from discovery to collecting testimonials! 

Together, we'll pick apart the current and ideal processes for your chosen service offering, integrate 'surprise & delight' moments, and elevate the experience for both you and your ideal client. 

Then, I'll pop into your CRM system (or set one up for you) to create a seamless workflow that automates most of the heavy-lifting and ensures quality and consistency, even on your busiest of days! 

Within one week, you'll be able to use the system to take your clients from A to Z, along with video trainings and references to walk you through exactly how to use the system and make changes.


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Done-For-You System Setup For Your Most Popular Transformation


If you're ready to systematize not only your signature service, but other part of your business under one virtual roof - i.e. lead gen, scheduling, invoicing, contracts, forms, questionnaires + more - this experience will make admin overwhelm a thing of the past!

By systematizing everything at once in one streamlined platform, you will ensure that your brand remains consistent across all materials that your clients will encounter from start to finish, and allow you to automate high-touch elements throughout each of your offerings and processes. 

Together, we will break apart each element of your business processes, add in touchpoints to surprise and delight, and finalize the dozens of emails and templates you'll use to work with clients. No more paper shuffling - just consistent, heavily automated yet highly personalized workflows to get more done, easier!

Comprehensive CRM Migration + Setup

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Free Resource

The Efficiency Scorecard

Your introduction to operational excellence

Ready to finally get your systems and processes under control?

You'll be walked through 5 phases that most service providers must put their clients through: The Initial Inquiry, The Pitch, Onboarding, Service Delivery, and Offboarding.

Along the way, there are checklists and touchpoints that take hours when done manually, but no time at all when systematized and automated. 

Then, you'll fill out the official scorecard to calculate your efficiency score and walk away with a starting point for where and what you need to improve.

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Love Letters

"Through our collaboration, I came to have a better understanding of Dubsado (even though I'd been using it independently for almost a year). 

I was feeling so in the weeds and overwhelmed in the daily management of my business, sending emails, forms, invoices and follow-ups. Alina seamlessly helped automate these processes so I could create a better experience for my customers, and create more time for me to lead and scale my business.

She TOTALLY overhauled the processes supporting my lead gen, onboarding, project management, and offboarding. My client experience is elevated and the automations she created will free me up to prioritize other strategic projects. So in essence, she enhanced my business from the inside out.

Timing was great, super prompt and communicative. I was impressed with how quickly she understood my business and processes. The Pre-Work Document was great and the post-intensive videos were IMMENSELY helpful.

I literally don't even want to think about [how the project would have been handled differently if I had done it myself or in partnership with a different service provider] haha - she is a Dubsado wizard. Her combination of superior design aesthetic, attention to detail, customer experience insight and organization made her the perfect fit.”


"I am so impressed by your knowledge and level of support. I could not get half of what I do done without you. You have incredible knowledgeable about systems, and cut my time in a quarter!

I know I can lean on your for ideas about how to make my ideas more streamlined and efficient. That is invaluable to what I DO! You are so well-rounded, and can always figure things out. I need someone who really gets my style quickly and I can trust that I don't have to explain everything. You care and are always so on point."


"My processes are ever-evolving and Alina understands this. What she has done has allowed me to re-focus on my brand, and she has made my brand a priority even when I couldn't.

Alina isn't afraid to just get started. She can start with a nugget of an idea and has been a game-changer for my brand and time!"


From the moment we started exploring a collaboration, Alina impressed me with her knowledge, enthusiasm, can-do attitude and professional polish. She made me feel like my goals for the back end of my sales pipeline were totally in reach - and together, we made it happen!

I love using the custom Dubsado CRM she built me - it not only makes my work in the back end feel easy and streamlined, but I know it's elevating the experience my potential and current clients have, which helps them build trust in me and their decision to work with me. Not to mention I feel so much more confident that once a lead comes in that I can deliver a polished, professional onboarding experience.

Alina’s process was super straightforward, very clear, everything was well paced, and she were so available to help with questions. Not to mention how flexible she was when our scope changed and she was able to accommodate what I was trying to accomplish!

I can tell you 100%: if I had tried to this by myself, I'd still be working on it!!! Our work together has totally raised my game, and I'm so thankful for her help!

Ashley Jablow - Wayfinders Collective

"Deciding to partner with Alina was hands-down the best business investment I made in 2022! 

She's smart, service-oriented, and a great communicator with an awesome mix of strategy and execution... meaning she can help you dream up the best operations workflow or customer journey, AND can actually implement it for you.

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