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As solopreneurs, we wear all the hats. Being every department head is overwhelming at times, sometimes fun, and always on ongoing experiment. this pod is designed to mimic (and lightly mock) the corporate structure (cringe) THAT we all left in the dust!

So, how may I direct your call?

Press 1 for the
Operations Department

We're exploring the different ways to keep the business running behind-the-scenes and how we can make our lives as easy as possible through different seasons of business. 

Press 2 for the
Marketing Department

Let's chat about what's new in the digital marketing arena - there are always new trends, app updates, and confusing advice about what's working right now. Together we'll discover what advice to take, what to leave, and what the best options are for you specifically.

Press 3 for the IT Department

Tech got you down? It happens to the best of us. With so many programs and systems out there, it's hard to know which one is going to deliver the best results with the most ease at the best cost. Every situation is different - and trust me, I've seen a lot of situations and used a LOT of programs. I've tested them all out so you don't have to.

Press 4 for the HR Department

Ready for some extra hands? I've been on all sides of a solopreneur/independent contractor/agency relationships - and there are better ways than not to outsource. Depending on what you're seeking, you have options to consider, and there may be forms of support that you don't know exist yet!

Press 5 for the Complaint Department

Honestly, this shit is hard! Sometimes we just need to vent, or even better, laugh at how bizarre running a business (especially alone) can often be. The nature of being a solopreneur unavoidably involves constantly bracing for unexpected twists, baffling situations, cringe-worthy client interactions, and the like. I love finding the humor in these moments and celebrating the fact that we have made a commitment to vulnerability, self-discovery, and never-ending lessons learned.

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I'm an online business strategist and digital marketing expert who is passionate about helping entrepreneurs streamline their operational and marketing practices. My systems save time and money while wowing your ideal clients and consistently growing your online presence.

After spending years running the back-end of 15+ businesses, both online and in-person, and in tons of different industries, I'm sharing what works, what doesn't, and how to streamline and automate your way to a strong, scalable, and profitable business that works for you, your lifestyle, and your biggest goals.

In my business world, efficiency is the name of the game. 

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