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About Your Business
These ideas will give you a way to expand on your passion, why you do what you do, and how you do it differently than anyone else!

About You
Personally, I have a hard time talking about myself, but people want to know who they're working with and these ideas will give you ways to share more abut who's running the show without feeling icky!

No need to reinvent the wheel each and every time you go to post on social! Here are some ways to take material you're creating naturally in your business and transform it and stretch it to save you time and deliver tons of value.

Spread the Love
One of my main biz values is collaboration over competition! You may be a one-woman-show, but there are always those special people who support, influence, and lift us up - and integrating their names, stories, and faces into your content is.a total win-win. 

Promote Your Offers
I mean, duh! What's the point of any of this if we don't let our followers know exactly how we can help them, right? Here are a few ways to promote without sounding super salesy - because trust me, I get weird feels about directly asking people to give me money too!

Inside this PDF you'll get inspiring prompts and powerful questions in the following categories: