Is your website working for you? Or is it just housing your best ideas that never get seen?

When it comes to your online home-base, you want to make sure it is not only beautiful, but provides a great user experience as well. 

I'm ready to build your new virtual home!

Web Design & SEO

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Let's take a look at some interesting statistics...

It takes about 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they like your site or not, whether they’ll stay or leave.

of consumers admit to making judgements on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design

of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout are unattractive

of mobile users say that a seamless experience across all devices is very important

of first impressions are design-related.






I have reworked dozens of websites, and designed even more from scratch - and I always begin from the perspective of the ideal client. Are they able to find what they need easily? Are they fully experiencing your brand the moment they step through your virtual door? Do they feel supported and excited to take the next step? These are all questions that we'll cover at the beginning of the process, before crafting the perfect copy and visuals to keep them engaged.

Then, we'll head into the back-end and ask: "How are people getting here in the first place?" Your website is an invaluable marketing tool, but in order for people to stumble upon it, there needs to be a few elements in place for Google to recognize its greatness. We'll cover all the ins-and-outs of this invisible content as well - I've done all of the learning about impressing the Google machine so that you don't have to!

So, Let's Roll out the red carpet for your virtual guests!

I have three experiences for you to choose from...


I'll be taking a look at the front-end (what visitors see + experience) as well as the back-end (what Google sees to deem you worthy or unworthy of being shown in search results) to take inventory and identify any gaps. We'll meet for an hour to review everything, and within one week I'll create and deliver a checklist of initial items to implement and custom strategies to keep your momentum going as your website grows and changes.

Audit + 60-Minute Live Session + Action Plan

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Yep, you read that right! We'll kick-off by discussing the goals for your site, reviewing inspiration together to nail the look and feel, and then move into messaging. 

You'll receive a guided workbook with my suggestions and samples for each section of each page, and spaces for your input to collaboratively pull together all of the copy, imagery, and functionality to create or revitalize your virtual home. 

Then, I get to work, and within a week I'll deliver your shiny new or improved site! After your review, I'll conduct a revision session to tweak anything you're not 100% in love with or would like to alter.

Upon final approval, I'll connect your URLs, let Google know how awesome your website is, and be there to support you through the launch.



Collaborative Copywriting + 5-Page Website Design


The possibilities are endless!


Need a bit more than the basics or want to build something from the ground up? Whether you're ready to do a bigtime overhaul on your current website, create a new one to house all of your genius, or implement elements on the back-end to be seen favorably by Google, I'd love to put together a custom proposal for you and make your vision come to life!

Love Letters

"We immediately saw the benefits of Alina improving our SEO. We are very appreciative of the updates, professionalism, and the meetings as it all kept us on track and made it very clear to understand what we needed and what the desired outcome would be & to have it all for future reference makes it easy - no loose ends!


I always felt that Alina really got me and my business and she brought so much value to my business. When you start a business it can be a lonely road, having someone who is on your team is so important and Alina is an amazing teammate. 

If it weren't for her, there is no way my website would look the way that it does. So if you need a website,  don't hesitate to reach out to her! She is always more than happy to help and she listens which is so important. Others may just do what they think is best, Alina listens provides feedback, and helps you to produce exactly what you want in the most effective way possible. I would highly recommend Alina to anyone and everyone I know!"

Jenna Mcdonough, the original hmf

We did not have the knowledge or the time to learn it all. We did look into others but they were not a good a fit as Alina understood our business model and made it her business to understand what we wanted and needed to be successful. Her follow up has been great and leaving the lines of communication for further things we need to work on is wonderful."

"Alina is fantastic, and so are her services. If you are looking for someone who truly works as a partner in your business Alina is the one for you. She takes pride in her work and wants you to succeed. She has excellent insight and her aesthetics are gorgeous. 

My business now has visibility and elevates my profession of birth and postpartum doula support in so many ways. I had new client contacts through my website within 48 hours of the site going live - it was pretty exciting!

I feel so fortunate to have connected with Alina. She approached my website design with such professionalism and follow through. I greatly appreciated her project planning from consult to calendar timeline, and what to expect with each step. She is an expert with communication tools, and was incredibly flexible with my many changes and asks for her input.

It is not possible I could have pulled off such a great site myself, and in fact I was very disappointed with other service providers who didn't come close to honoring what they promised. Alina was the very best connection I could have made, and far exceeded my expectations!

I have every plan to hire Alina for operations related projects. I am thrilled with her work and value having partnered with her in my business design tools & functionality. Hiring her would be an exceptional decision for your business growth!"


"My website is beautiful and so aligns with my target market and brand vision. Alina provided resources for my best success and I learned so much about the nuances of website seo, and the legalities needed for client data collection.

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