After years of managing the back-end of 15+ small businesses at a time, I've tried every program under the sun for keeping track of day-to-day operations, routine marketing activities, and keeping everything fresh, innovative, and efficient.

Lots of programs claim to do the same thing, and you may be hearing recommendations and raving reviews for all of them so... how do you know what's right for your business? 

It's time to stop falling prey to shiny-object syndrome and consult someone who has used them all, understands your unique needs, and has the eye and the know-how to turn your virtual home beautiful and functional, and transforming your processes into streamlined, rinse-and-repeat systems that save you time, money, stress, and energy!

My One-Day VIP Intensives
are your solution!

Do you feel like an employee in your own business? If you've ever thought "there must be an easier way to do this..." but there are just so many programs out there and you're stuck in analysis paralysis,

i have a lot of small business secrets and strategies in my toolbox, and all of my vip intensives are 100% custom tailored to your business and what it's craving right now.


and lots more!

Web Design
Search Engine Optimization
Client Experience Automation and CRM Setup
Email Marketing Software Setup and Strategy
Launch Support (Timelines, Organization, & Strategy)
Social Media Strategy & Content Repurposing
Database & Document Management
Affiliate Marketing Programs
Pinterest Setup & Automation
Marketing Funnel Design & Implementation Planning
Online Course Design and Platform Installation
Media Kit Design and Speaking/Interview Opportunity Outreach

We hop on a Complimentary Discovery Call

I create and send over a custom Proposal

We have our first Strategy Call

A few days following our Strategy Call, you'll receive a fillable Google Document that will give me all the tools I need to execute and deliver our outcomes. You will be asked powerful questions, be prompted to view samples and inspiration, review my personal suggestions and thoughts, and provide any login information and media that I will need to access.

I create and send over your Pre-Work Document

Again, each VIP Intensive is 100% custom - so, we may be spending an entire day together, or, we may kick-off in the morning to review the agenda and any outstanding items once more before I get to work and you relax! Either way, it is going to be an action-packed full-day session!

Our Intensive Day arrives

This proposal will cover everything that we discussed and outline what will happen before, during, and after our VIP Intensive to move your business forward and give you the tools to maintain your new systems and/or materials. You'll be able to pick your preferred options and reserve your date(s) for our Strategy Call(s) and Intensive(s).

We'll spend this one-hour call going through all the nitty-gritty details about our Intensive, looking at inspiration together, and finalizing the agenda and outcomes, ensuring we are 100% aligned.



Towards the end of the day, I will be recording my screen as I walk you through everything that was accomplished during our Intensive. These videos are yours to keep and reference forever and will give you and your team the tools and tutorials you need to fully utilize your systems and materials for years to come!

I create recorded walkthroughs of everything

We'll chat through what your business is craving right now, any stuck points you may be experiencing, and bounce ideas around about what might be your best options, and how we can get the ball rolling.

For the next 7 business days following our Intensive, I will have eyes on my email for any questions, concerns, or clarifications you need!

You get access to me for the next 7 days


A 1:1 60-Minute Strategy Call where we solidify our game plan for our VIP Intensive

A customized, fillable, Pre-Work Document for you to review, add your thoughts and input, and return to me with the tools to make it happen

Six Laser-Focused Working Hours during each Intensive Day

Video walkthroughs of all your deliverables for you and your team

Access to my support via email for the following seven business days should you have any questions at all


Are you ready to FINALLY get unstuck and transform your business so that it works for you, instead of you working for it?


ok, I'm intrigued. tell me more!

I'm an online business strategist and digital marketing expert who is passionate about helping entrepreneurs streamline their operational practices, gain visibility, and make their biggest impact in the online space. 

After spending years running the back-end of 15+ businesses, both online and in-person, and in tons of different industries, I have really seen it all and now provide tailored solutions and resources for entrepreneurs who are ready to level-up their business and implement systems, strategies, and content that save time, energy, and money all while seriously impressing their ideal clients.

In my business world, efficiency is the name of the game. 

Erin Jones, Jones+Co.

Alina isn't afraid to just get started. She can start with a nugget of an idea, make a first pass and then we iterate and create together until we are both happy with the final product. I am in awe of her capability of turning video into written blogs. It has been a game-changer for my brand and time!"

"My processes are ever-evolving and Alina understands this, what she has done has allowed me to re-focus on my brand and she has made my brand a priority even when I couldn't.

Ashley Jablow - Wayfinders Collective

From the moment we started exploring a collaboration, Alina impressed me with her knowledge, enthusiasm, can-do attitude and professional polish. She made me feel like my goals for the back end of my sales pipeline were totally in reach - and together, we made it happen!"

"Deciding to partner with Alina was hands-down the best business investment I made in 2022! 


I know I can lean on your for ideas about how to make my ideas more streamlined and efficient. That is invaluable to what I DO! You are so well-rounded, and can always figure things out. I need someone who really gets my style quickly and I can trust that I don't have to explain everything. You care and are always so on point."

"I am so impressed by your knowledge and level of support. I could not get half of what I do done without you. You have incredible knowledgeable about systems, and cut my time in a quarter!

LAURA GMEINDER, Business strategy and mindset COACH 

It’s important to me to do an overview and have a clear idea of what’s working and what’s not so I can up level what I’m doing to provide the best support for my clients and grow my program. Alina’s excellent attention to detail, ability to strategize and create a detailed plan of execution takes the stress out of planning and launching my Skills to Pay the Bill$ mindset and strategy group program." 

"Alina is my secret weapon! 

Tara Baldwin, BELIEVE LIFE COaching

Helping business owners stay organized, social marketing systems, email campaigns, schedules. You have to spend money to make money, and Alina pays off. She's a reliable and friendly professional to have on your side."

"Her systems have cleared all the detail admin stuff off my plate so I can do what I do best.


Alina is my go-to person for things that I can't shift to anyone else on my team. She is fast, extremely detailed, offers great solutions, and I can trust her with high-level information."

"She has a talent for admin, marketing, graphics, and completely revitalized my CRM program.


She was able to do projects and tasks far better than I due to her incredible knowledge and skill with websites and social media. She has a bright and positive attitude as well as incredible knowledge to help you build your business."

"Alina has incredible professionalism and proficiency. There was not anything that I sent to her that she could not do, and she exceeded my expectations on each request. 

Maria + Pat, Owners of wearluv luxury consignment

We are very appreciative of the updates, professionalism, and the meetings as it all kept us on track and made it very clear to understand what we needed and what the desired outcome would be & to have it all for future reference makes it easy - no loose ends!

We did not have the knowledge or the time to learn it all. We did look into others but they were not a good a fit as Alina understood our business model and made it her business to understand what we wanted and needed to be successful. Her follow up has been great and leaving the lines of communication for further things we need to work on is wonderful.

"We immediately saw the benefits of Alina improving our SEO after our Intensive.

Susan Dix, Virtual Technology Assistant

I had the privilege of working side-by-side with Alina with a mutual client and she was efficient, skillful and most importantly awesome to work with! She treated me with great respect and we fell into an easy working relationship right away. Thank you Alina!

"Alina is awesome. If you have the chance to work with her - take it!