Social Media Audit
+ Custom Content Strategy

The world of online marketing and social media is always changing, and with so many avenues to spread awareness about your business - it's hard to choose where to spend your time and energy! We all sometimes fall prey to shiny-object syndrome and where I see a lot of entrepreneurs fall short is that they are constantly hopping from one thing to the next, and never give their strategy enough time to catch on or show any real results. Or, even worse, they don't have a strategy at all... this is what I like to call "post-and-pray." 

The truth is - you don't need a 18-step plan to create content that resonates and encourages your audience to take the next step with you. All you need is a sustainable and easy way to share your most valuable knowledge in places that make sense for your unique business. 

What got you to where you are now, is not going to get you to where you want to be. Let's take a look at the angle from which you are currently approaching your digital marketing, simplify your process, and zero-in on what exactly your ideal audiences want to hear from you. It's time to show them that YOU are who they've been searching for!

Tired of spending tons of time creating content and hearing crickets? 

This VIP experience includes an initial audit where I'll be stalking your pages (not in a creepy way) to uncover any gaps in your profiles, materials, and strategy. Then, we'll hop on a 60-minute Zoom meeting to chat through absolutely everything and what I recommend.

Following that, you’ll receive a PDF including a checklists for changes and activities to create a solid routine, as well as proactively researched topic ideas and keywords to help you create content that showcases your expertise in your industry so you can finally start creating with confidence!

I take a look at your social media pages, website, and anywhere else you share content.

We hop on a 60-minute call to review.

I deliver your PDF action plan within 7 days.

I'll bring my notes to our meeting, and we'll take a look at each and every piece together in real-time. You'll be able to ask questions, we'll bounce ideas around, and discuss what's possible for your digital marketing strategy. 

I'll compile all of the changes we agree upon into a checklist for you, walking you through exactly how to make them and any additional ideas we came up with together after our call. I'll also do a deep-dive into my keyword and SEO tools to compile a list of specific topic ideas for you to take and run with - because after all, we want to give people what they never knew they needed, and position you as the authority.


I'll put myself in the position of someone who has never heard of you before, and need what you sell! I'll be making sure the static content on each platform is fully optimized, and then making notes about the actual material and patterns that I notice over the past year or so.

Ready to get started?

Please fill out the form below so I can take a peek at your current pages and make sure we are a good fit. 

Then, I'll send over a link to schedule our 1:1 call and an invoice to secure your booking, as well as a questionnaire to help me understand your business, goals, and ideal clients better!

I can't wait to work with you!

Erin Jones, Jones+Co.

Alina isn't afraid to just get started. She can start with a nugget of an idea, make a first pass and then we iterate and create together until we are both happy with the final product. I am in awe of her capability of turning video into written blogs. It has been a game-changer for my brand and time!"

"My processes are ever-evolving and Alina understands this, what she has done has allowed me to re-focus on my brand and she has made my brand a priority even when I couldn't.

Ashley Jablow - Wayfinders Collective

From the moment we started exploring a collaboration, Alina impressed me with her knowledge, enthusiasm, can-do attitude and professional polish. She made me feel like my goals for the back end of my sales pipeline were totally in reach - and together, we made it happen!"

"Deciding to partner with Alina was hands-down the best business investment I made in 2022! 


I know I can lean on your for ideas about how to make my ideas more streamlined and efficient. That is invaluable to what I DO! You are so well-rounded, and can always figure things out. I need someone who really gets my style quickly and I can trust that I don't have to explain everything. You care and are always so on point."

"I am so impressed by your knowledge and level of support. I could not get half of what I do done without you. You have incredible knowledgeable about systems, and cut my time in a quarter!

LAURA GMEINDER, Business strategy and mindset COACH 

It’s important to me to do an overview and have a clear idea of what’s working and what’s not so I can up level what I’m doing to provide the best support for my clients and grow my program. Alina’s excellent attention to detail, ability to strategize and create a detailed plan of execution takes the stress out of planning and launching my Skills to Pay the Bill$ mindset and strategy group program." 

"Alina is my secret weapon! 

Tara Baldwin, BELIEVE LIFE COaching

Helping business owners stay organized, social marketing systems, email campaigns, schedules. You have to spend money to make money, and Alina pays off. She's a reliable and friendly professional to have on your side."

"Her systems have cleared all the detail admin stuff off my plate so I can do what I do best.


Alina is my go-to person for things that I can't shift to anyone else on my team. She is fast, extremely detailed, offers great solutions, and I can trust her with high-level information."

"She has a talent for admin, marketing, graphics, and completely revitalized my CRM program.


She was able to do projects and tasks far better than I due to her incredible knowledge and skill with websites and social media. She has a bright and positive attitude as well as incredible knowledge to help you build your business."

"Alina has incredible professionalism and proficiency. There was not anything that I sent to her that she could not do, and she exceeded my expectations on each request. 

Maria + Pat, Owners of wearluv luxury consignment

We are very appreciative of the updates, professionalism, and the meetings as it all kept us on track and made it very clear to understand what we needed and what the desired outcome would be & to have it all for future reference makes it easy - no loose ends!

We did not have the knowledge or the time to learn it all. We did look into others but they were not a good a fit as Alina understood our business model and made it her business to understand what we wanted and needed to be successful. Her follow up has been great and leaving the lines of communication for further things we need to work on is wonderful.

"We immediately saw the benefits of Alina improving our SEO after our Intensive.

Susan Dix, Virtual Technology Assistant

I had the privilege of working side-by-side with Alina with a mutual client and she was efficient, skillful and most importantly awesome to work with! She treated me with great respect and we fell into an easy working relationship right away. Thank you Alina!

"Alina is awesome. If you have the chance to work with her - take it!